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Men in the group that dieted, lost a mean 8.4 kg, females of the same group lost 5.5 kg with Customize fat loss torrent by Kyle Leon

 Members of the second group of five times a week for half an hour running and women lost weight 3 kg, while men average 6 kg with Customize fat loss product by Kyle Leon
Woman holding a diet reduced the amount of your body fat from 35% to 29%. While women from the second group reduced the amount of your body fat by only two percent Men of diet group reduced their body fat by five percent, whereas men exercising any change in the amount of fat there Customize Fat Loss By Kyle Leon- Dieted

In the new study, which took place last year at the University of Minnesota researchers observed weight loss for women and men are overweight and obese.

Respondents, who successfully losing weight, reduced their weekly intake of five to ten servings a week. If, however, only trained and have not reduced the amount of food, their weight did not decline.

In contrast, men enough to reduce weight exercise it. Scientists explain this by the fact that men in the exercise burn more calories than women. 

Reduce portions Although most studies that have been conducted on this topic, concluded that exercise alone for dropping pounds is not enough, it is only short-term results. Of those studies were repeated after a time delay, found that after one year, the balance of respondents of both groups was not different Customize fat loss reviews by Kyle Leondownload